I have a new business name!!!
I just found out my name change request was approved by my state!!!

My business name is now officially...
Raven Creek Wellness!


When I first started my business last year, I named it something awesome....ready for this?
Adrienne Davis Wellness, LLC

I know, original, right?!? 😉

Now, with this new name, it's more representative of my brand.

Two years ago, God brought me the name "Raven Creek" in a dream. Initially, I thought it was the first and middle name of our next child (our youngest son was 2 and I was having baby fever!).

Earlier this year, I began getting a sense that it was supposed to become my business name. I began looking for the significance of ravens and creeks to see how they tie in to my overall brand of natural wellness (besides the obvious of them being pieces of nature which is part of my brand;-)).

In the Bible, God used a raven to feed Elijah, and God told Elijah to drink water from the brook. I wrestled at first with using this because others could come back and say "But the raven brought Elijah meat. How does that align with plant-based living?"

I'm still trying to fully understand this, myself. But so far, I've noted a few things.

1. God provided Elijah with food to sustain him, much like he provided Adam and Eve (and us today) with the garden and all the seed-bearing plants. He uses food to nourish us and give us strength. 

2. I know a brook is slightly different than a creek, but the point is, God also provided a water source for the body, while giving himself to us as a water source for the soul. Water is life-giving, straight from the life-giver, himself. 

3. The name together (Raven Creek Wellness) implies that God is still active in our lives today, providing nourishment for our body, mind, and soul, to help us live well. 

Raven Creek Wellness isn't just about helping people transition to a more plant-based lifestyle, get outside more, or move their body more. 

It's about life. 

It's about doing what Jesus did...helping the sick get well and giving them hope for the future. 

I'm really excited for this new name and all that God is going to do through this business!


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