Don't Let Health Challenges 
Control Your Life!

Learn how to use the power of plant-based nutrition and nature therapy to help you achieve breakthrough in your health, so you can feel amazing and live life to the fullest!

Let's Face it. Health challenges can be scary!

Whether you have diabetes, heart disease, headaches, anxiety, pain, stiffness, some extra weight to lose, or something else, it can be frustrating to deal with it day after day, especially when you see no end in sight.

It can be hard to live life to the fullest when we're spending the majority of our days just trying to survive. 

Thankfully, breakthrough IS possible.
You CAN achieve your wellness goals.
You CAN feel amazing in your mind and body.
~ You CAN live life to the fullest!

Let me show you how.
   Tracy Davis   

Tracy was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, had an A1c of over 7, struggled with high blood pressure, and weighed 260 pounds. He was prescribed Metformin, insulin, and blood pressure medication.

After just 3 months of 1:1 coaching with me, where he learned to adopt a more active and healthy plant-based lifestyle, he lost over 40 pounds, was off all insulin and oral medication for the diabetes and high blood pressure, and his A1c dropped to non-diabetic level (5.3%). 

   Regie Holloway   

Regie had Type 2 Diabetes with an A1c of 7.1. He desired to lose weight, reduce his high blood pressure, and lower his A1c. In just 3 months of working together, he lost 9 pounds and lowered his blood pressure. Watch his video to hear even more benefits of his new lifestyle!

   Deborah Baker   

Deborah was diagnosed as prediabetic at her annual checkup. During a prayer call with her church, a gentleman talked about his own health journey, and how his coach (me) was helping him achieve his goals. Deborah got my information and began her own health transformation.

After working together for 3 months, here's what Deborah had to say:
"I have lost over 18 pounds and counting! I have more energy and can do things that I enjoy such as attending my granddaughter's basketball games and going to estate sales. I am truly loving my journey to better health!"

Hey there! 
I'm Adrienne Davisyour plant-based wellness coach. 

After overcoming my own health challenges and helping my husband do the same - using the power of plant-based nutrition and nature therapy - it's now my honor to guide others in achieving breakthroughs in their health. 

I can help you master a healthy lifestyle through simple changes to your daily habits:

~ Eating more whole plant foods (even if you think you hate veggies!)
~ Spending more time outdoors (even with a busy schedule)
~ Getting more physically active (even if you have limitations)

Working together, I can help you:

~ Achieve breakthrough in your health
~ Feel amazing in your mind and body
~ And live life to the fullest!

Are You Ready for a Health Transformation? 

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