Diabetes Transformation
Your Journey to Wellness Starts Here.
Do you desire to live out your God-given purpose with strength and energy, but not sure how to do that with the constant struggle of diabetes? Are you tired of living in survival mode?

Have you tried various diets and exercise that didn't work and left you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and hopeless?

Are you ready for a better life, but aren’t really sure what "the" solution is?

Having a strong desire to improve your health and get your life back is exciting! But not knowing how to do it or where to go can be super frustrating!
My husband was exactly where you are today. 

Taking the medications. 
Avoiding the carbs and sugars per the doctor's recommendation. 
Trying to be more active to get his weight down. 

And while it worked for a while, he eventually plateaued and remained in survival mode. He was frustrated. He felt helpless. He had no idea what the right solution was. 

We met shortly after his diagnosis, and I taught him all about the simple lifestyle habits he could make (starting with eating more plants). He was skeptical. He didn't want to give up his comfort foods (can you relate?). Yet he ultimately decided that his health was far more important than his love of certain foods, and he made the switch. 

The foods we put into our body matter. Some heal us while others harm us. During this 12-week journey, you will discover which ones are which. Don't worry, you won't be required to give up all the foods you love, at least not in the way you might think. Simply making some key substitutions to your favorite meals can give you big results that will get your health back on track. 

This journey is all about keeping a steady pace: "Steady Ahead". We'll be practicing key habits over and over until they stick. We'll discover how to make these habits last a lifetime without being burdensome.

These habits worked for my husband.

And if you do the work, they can work for YOU, too!

Here's a glimpse of what you could experience if you commit to this 12-week program:
~ Lose weight
~ Reduce high blood pressure
~ Lower your A1c
~ And  enjoy a better quality of life!

Enroll today to take part in this very special group of individuals committed to changing the trajectory of their health and life. See you on the inside!


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